Proverbs 2: 16-19 Wise friends will rescue you from the Temptress—
that smooth-talking Seductress.

Who are you associating with? Are they making an ‘Ass’ out of you? Are they letting you make an ‘Ass’ out of yourself? Or are they there for you to help you stay in line? Are your associates your spiritual advocates here on earth?

I have some very good friends and associates that have and always will be there for me. My challenges have always come when when I have allowed my relationships to fade and become dull. I have not walked away from my friends and associates on purpose. The reality of my actions may appear that I purposely kicked my good associates to the side of the road, but in my heart of hearts, I was never intentional. As the story goes, it just happens. Nothing just happens. Every action has a genesis and it is my opinion that it all starts with us allowing our selfishness to push Christ off the throne of our lives.

It is the unintentional sins that are the results of unmeditated temptations that are sneakiest. Allowing ourselves to be in situations, associating with people that we shouldn’t be anywhere near is when it happens. The next thing you know you have gone further then you ever thought you could go, you stayed longer then you thought you could ever stay and you paid more then you ever thought you could have paid. Instead of associating with the people who want to protect us, we casually gravitate to people that could care less about who we are in Christ. They might not be bad people, but they just are not the Christ Centered people we should always be associating with in our daily lives. When we don’t, the front door of our lives is left wide open and the enemy goes to work. No matter how strong you think you are or how Christ Centered you think you are, the enemy will destroy you if you don’t have ‘wise friends around you at all times to rescue you from the temptress.

Sin will redefine your life. It will change you and your world will never be the same. The ultimate question is what are you going to paint that definition to be? Where you are in your faith will be revealed. Who your friends are will be known. You will find out who God wants you to be associating with. That is if you have sought redemption for your sins and have truly turned your situation 100% over to your support system of the Trinity. Once you have accomplished this, the Lord will show you who your friends are and they will always rescue you from that temptress.

Lord thank you for blessing me with so many second chances. Thank you for giving such as an incredible support system of your Trinity, my wife, family and my friends. Thank for being the God who has a sea of forgiveness. Please Lord continue to keep my heart and mind open to who I should be in association with. Lord please use Maria and I to be positive associates for others as well. Thank you Jesus, Amen Amen Amen dr